About clairessence HEALING

Clairessence Healing is a powerful modality that helps spiritually-minded people wake up to their true divine nature. Through this alchemical process of deep imagining of their healing and healed potential, intuitives wake up in every aspect of their energetic & spiritual bodies.


Accessing your soul's deepest purpose is second nature when combined with a commitment to emotional, physical, spiritual & mental clarity. Once you are able to maintain a higher state of consciousness through assisted and self-healing, the soul is then able to rise as the true creator of this reality and the true master of our body, aligning ourselves to universal truth and divine love through the practice of empowered joy.


There are many forces at play in the human experience. Some of these are:

  • The subconscious mind, which receives programming and belief systems from family, friends, schools, jobs, media, entertainment, etc.

  • The body, which stores our trauma as a physical energy, creating emotional blocks and physical disease 

  • Other energy beings in our field, both positive and negative, such as our spiritual guides and angels, or entities who are using us for their own ends

  • Soul contracts or energetic debt, created with the people in our lives to protect us and help us achieve our goals for this life, and also created with entities controlling the planet

  • Energetic implants and tags, attached through deceit or under duress, which may trigger the mind or the body into further pain

  • Past, future, and concurrent lives, or experiences our soul is having in other bodies that are affecting this experience now

  • Thought forms a.k.a. ghosts, energetic beings of our own or others' unconscious creation, the original artificial intelligence

  • All of the above, but coming from the people we are surrounded by, the food we eat, the entertainment and media we take in, and any other forms of energy consumption or exposure


With all of these influences at play, it can be hard to understand what’s actually “you” and what’s not. With Clairessence Healing, we seek the healing path that will help you clear them all blockages so that you can make bold, empowered, loving choices for yourself.

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Please Note

Clairessence Healing is not a medical practice or methodology. We are not medical professionals and do not give medical advice. The healing that is provided is on a spiritual and emotional level and as such, may help or even identify the root cause of an issue you are having that is manifesting in a physical way.